Praises Unlimited!
An Independent Christian Praise Team
To book Praises Unlimited at your facility - Call Mike @ 818-361-7898 or send us an email here.  Be sure to include the name and address of your facility, along with your name and phone number.

If you want more information before you contact us - read on!

What do you mean when you say "A Multimedia Experience"?
All of our musical programs follow the same multimedia format.  When we refer to "a multimedia experience"  we mean that we use Music (Live Musicians), Video and Narration to share songs, stories and Bible verses with you.  We are professional musicians, using electronic drums and keyboard, along with our own audio and video equipment to present a quality program.

All of our programs include several sing along opportunities and we project the song lyrics on our video screen to help folks participate comfortably.  Many times we use video syncronized to our music to help convey the ideas expressed in the song and fully engage our audience.
Who are Praises Unlimited?

Praises Unlimited is an independent Christian Praise Band, meaning we are not directly associated with any single church.  We are however, overtly Christian in both our music and our messages. 

The cornerstones of Praises Unlimited are Mike Kucenski (Drums) and Perry Voogt (Keyboards & Lead Vocals), both of whom have been providing music for contemporary worship since the early 1970's.  They are complimented by two additional talented vocalists who weave a wonderful harmonic tapestry. 

The roots of Praises Unlimited go back to 1992 and several of our current members have been with us since that time.

Is their really no cost to us when you bring this program to our facility?
That's correct.  However, we do require use of a few of your electrical outlets to power our I guess you could say it's not totally free!
Why do you do this for free?
After serving inside churches for 16 years, the members of Praises Unlimited felt that God was telling us to go outside the doors reach out to those who were unchurched or unable to get to church.  Coming to your facility is our method of outreach.  All of the expenses of serving God in this way are funded by the members of Praises Unlimited in response to the gifts God has given us.
When you use the term "outreach" it makes me nervous.  I don't want the residents at our facility to feel pressured or harassed.
We could not agree with you more!  We share our message through our music and the programs we present.  We will treat your residents with Christian love, courtesy and respect.  We may offer your residents a simple booklet that shares a message similar to what we are presenting.  They are welcome to accept it, or decline it.  For anyone who has further interest in exploring the Christian faith, we may also have available large print Bibles which we can give to them for free. 

Our experience over the last 5 years and nearly 100 performances is that our programs are enjoyed by all regardless of their religious affiliation or personal beliefs.  We take time after each performance to meet and greet our audience and consistently receive very positive responses regarding the quality and content of our programs.

If I am interested in exploring this further, what should I do next?

You should send us an email here and provide him with the name and address of your facility, along with your name and phone number.  Mike will call you within a day or so to answer any other questions you might have. 

If you are still interested in booking a date for us to come to your facility, Mike will make arrangements to visit your location to make a final determination of whether or not we can bring our program to you.

If I want to book you at my facility, is there any reason you would not accept my invitation to come here?

Yes, there are a few reasons we may not be able to accept your booking request.

The first is lack of availability, either because we are already booked for the desired time and date, or because one or more of the members of Praises Unlimited are not available on the requested dates.

All of our members are employed at other full-time jobs which is what enables us to do this type of outreach, but also limits our availability to do so.

The other primary reason we may not come to your facility is because you don't have enough space for us to safely set-up the equipment necessary for our program.  We have tried to minimize our space requirements, but we do bring electronic drums, keyboard, sound and video equipment with us.  This does require a minimum amount of space, but we have even surprised ourselves on occasion at how "compact" we can become if we need to!

Our goal is to come to your facility, so we will work as hard as possible to work within the space you have.  We want to bring to your residents a program with a quality and scope that will exceed their expectations and touch their hearts.

We may also decline your invitation if your facility is too far away from our base of operations.